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20th Jul 2022

See t-rex, velociraptors and other dinos at Amber Springs Hotel this summer

Fiona Frawley

man holding a little girl up to pet a lifelike dinosaur replica

If you’ve got little ones at home who are dinosaur obsessed, or if you never grew out of the Jurassic Park fascination yourself, this is definitely one to tick off your list this summer.

Get the family together and embark on a journey through Dino Springs at the Amber Springs Hotel in Wexford, where you’ll encounter a whole herd of prehistoric pals. T-rex, velociraptors – they’re all there!

I know this is an experience for kids but from where I’m sitting, these dinos are extremely lifelike. I’m getting vivid flashbacks to Dennis Nedry trapped in that car in the storm – one minute you’re a pro hacker, smuggling dinosaur embryos and living life, the next you’re being eaten by a Dilophosaurus. To be fair, there are none of those on this experience from what I can see. We’ll just hold on to our butts and hope for the best.

If you’d like to visit Dino Springs this summer, it’s open to residents and non-residents of Amber Springs, and admission is €8 per person payable on arrival at the station. You can find out more and book yourself in for a trip back in time HERE.

And remember – don’t run, don’t scream, and don’t stare at the Velociraptor.

Header image via Amber Springs 

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