There's a Monaghan butcher selling Kinder Bueno sausages

By Fiona Frawley

October 5, 2022 at 11:50am


This is what happens when we don't check on Monaghan.

We reported on these babies about a year ago and didn't realise they were still doing the rounds.... time for a refresher.

Towards the end of summer '21, butcher Stephen Larmer from Newbliss, Monaghan unveiled his latest creation. A sort of Frankenstein of sausage and sweet treats, if you will.

Exhibit a:

Larmer insisted the sausages were "actually lovely" and that we shouldn't knock them til we try.

At the time, Local woman Liz McGuinness gave the Bueno-infused links a try, and announced: "oh wow, tastes hazelnutty, its not chocolate chocolate but you can taste a hint of chocolate..." She also seems to be a big fan of Larmer's Butchers, mentioning that they have the best rib eye steaks in Ireland.


Now, the sausages are doing the rounds again as Twitter user Septic Peg has come across them, writing: "A butchers in Co Monaghan just just ended any thoughts of a united Ireland for me". They'd wanna have a word with Liz McGuinness before they write these babies off altogether.

Would you be tempted? Have you ever bitten into a sausage and thought "yeah it's good, but it's missing the creamy, wafer-y feel that only a Kinder Bueno can provide?" Then get yourself up to Larmers, who'll be only delighted to sort you out.

Header image via Facebook/larmersbutchers


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