This Is Apparently The Soundest County In All Of Ireland

Are you lucky enough to be from here?

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Ireland as a whole in generally known as being "sound" - that catch-all phrase we all like to use to describe the kinda person who will always offer you a pint, make you a cup of tea, or ease your morning-after-the-night-before fear.


But is there a particular county that is home to the majority of soundest peeps? Is there, we wonder, a soundest county in Ireland?

Turns out people on Reddit have wondered this also, and they've voted upon which county is officially the soundest in all the land. Would it be Cork, with its lilting accents and love of chit chat? Nope. Would it possibly be Mayo, home to many a mammy only too glad to make you tea? Apparently not.

The county to take home the official 'sound crown?'... DONEGAL!

Comment from discussion Soundest county?.

Mind you, there was some tough competition....

Comment from discussion Soundest county?.

Some clever puns...

Comment from discussion Soundest county?.

And some suggestions that were outright laughed at...

Comment from discussion Soundest county?.
Comment from discussion Soundest county?.

We'd have to agree with their chosen winner... Our Donegal gal in the office always makes a round of tea. Ledge.

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