Tullamore café introduce 'Pay with Post-It' scheme to provide free coffees

By Katy Thornton

September 23, 2022 at 11:18am


I'm not crying, you are!


The Square Café in Tullamore have brought back their Pay With Post-It scheme whereby you can purchase a coffee in advance for someone by paying and then writing a short note on a post-it. As long as there are post-its on the board, there's a free coffee to be had. If you're a bit strapped for cash, and in desperate need of that caffeine fix, you're more than welcome to take one of these post-its to the till to redeem a free cuppa joe.

The café said this of bringing the scheme back:

"We started this over covid and it was a huge success. So many people bought and left a post it on our board for someone else to use when they needed a free coffee or a simple pick me up!!😍"

This truly is the kind of thing that restores our faith in humanity.


Like all hospitality spots in the country right now, The Square are struggling with rising costs, and they, like others, have had to raise their prices as a result.

"It's getting tough for us all out there, prices are going up we have unfortunately had to raise some of our prices over the last few weeks to try off set our rising supplier and energy costs but we will always do what we can to help anyone who needs it.

To make up for it they've paid for the first few free coffees and put several post-its on the board for those who really need it at this difficult time.

Spread the word, and remember to keep them in mind anytime you're in desperate need of a free coffee.


Header image via Instagram/thesquarecafetull

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