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25th Oct 2019

We Stayed In The Beautiful Bubble Domes In Finn Lough And It Was Amazing

Alan Fisher

This is something that I have always wanted to do and I finally got the chance last weekend.

Thanks to Fuzetea celebrating the release of their new flavour, Mango and Chamomile, I was lucky enough to stay in the famous bubble domes at Finn Lough.

Up to Fermanagh we went for a bit of a retreat with yoga, face masks, cooking demonstrations and some grub on the cards.

As you take on the last 30 minutes of the trip to get there, you realise you are really in the middle of nowhere which is a lovely feeling.

When arrive at the resort, all you can see is this little reception area as you desperately try to get your first glimpse of the bubble dome.

After a quick bite to eat and a little drink, you are brought to your dome in a little golf buggy and shown the ropes.

I didn’t really know what to expect from the dome but it was more than I ever imagined. A big blown up, see through dome literally in the middle of the woods. I was like a big kid when I got inside.

You basically have one big dome with your bed in it and a little side dome where the toilet is.

Apart from the little toilet area, you are completely exposed and the thought of being naked here and someone watching from the woods does cross your mind immediately.

In saying that, after a couple of minutes I was feeling brave and it was quite liberating. It seems pretty hard for anyone to sneak up and be outside your dome – you are literally in the middle of the woods, in the middle of nowhere.

It was a pretty nice day when I stayed and even looking up to the sun while taking a little rest on my bed was magical. I couldn’t wait for the nighttime to stargaze.

This is an extremely nice resort so you are equipped with all the necessities including a Nespresso machine, speaker and even some cold macaroons. Yum.

We popped out for a stroll down towards to the lake which is a lovely spot for a few snaps.

After relaxing for a couple of hours, it was dinner time and it was delicious. I started with ham hock, then onto shoulder of lamb for mains and washed it down with some of their finest Chilean wine.

The shoulder of lamb was definitely a highlight, served with veg and mashed potatoes.

Then it was pretty much time for bed and everyone was buzzing. It was pitch black outside (make sure you bring the torch provided) and you could see the moon shining brightly.

Tucking myself into bed and gazing straight out at the moon and stars was pretty special. You can see the trees moving ever so slightly as the moon shines off them, which adds to the tranquil experience.

This is all bloody lovely, until about 5am when the sun comes up and the birds start singing. They provide ear plugs and eye masks but it’s still pretty tough to sleep. I recommend maybe a glass or two of wine before bed to help.

Down for a big spread of breakfast the next morning before hitting the road for home.

I genuinely couldn’t recommend this more. It is such a beautiful experience sleeping under the stars in the comfort of these bubble domes.