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28th Oct 2018

13 Outstanding Irish Movies You Need To See Before You Die

James Fenton

How many of these gems have you ticked off?

1. The Snapper

One of the most quotable Irish movies of all time. References are bandied about every day so if you haven’t seen it you’re missing out.

“Are ya alright, Sharon?”

2. In The Name Of The Father

The heartbreaking story of the Guildford Four who were wrongly locked up for bombing a pub in England.

The climatic scenes will have you bursting with anger and pride and there are plenty of funny moments thrown in for good measure.

3. What Richard Did

Loosely based on the high-profile Club Annabel’s case back in 2000.

Jack Reynor does a star turn as a secondary school rugby ‘jock’ with the world at his feet before he accidentally kills a classmate during an altercation. A thought-provoking masterpiece.

4. My Left Foot

Daniel Day Lewis gives arguably one of the best acting performances ever as writer and painter Christy Brown who suffered from cerebral palsy.

5. Michael Collins

Liam Neeson plays the ‘Big Fella’ in this Neil Jordan-directed epic.

6. The Field

Rural drama based on the play by John. B Keane.

7. Into The West

Anyone who grew up in the ’90s will remember constantly quoting this in the schoolyard.

8. War Of The Buttons

The tale of two warring gangs of kids in County Cork.

9. Breakfast On Pluto

Quite ahead of its time, this 2005 flick starring Cillian Murphy examined the place transgender people held in Irish society.

10. A Date For Mad Mary

The most recent entry on our list this 2016 dramedy is well worth a watch.

11. Veronica Guerin

The true story of the brave Irish journalist who paid the ultimate price from taking on the mob.

12. Intermission

A 2003 black comedy which helped shoot Colin Farrell to fame.

13. Once

A globally-acclaimed flick about music and love which partly serves as a love letter to Dublin.

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