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29th Oct 2018

10 Iconic ‘Fair City’ Moments Which Shook Ireland To Its Very Core


Love it or hate it, Fair City has been a staple in our TV viewing since it first arrived all the way back in 1989.

Since then, we’ve been through a lot with our Carrigstown friends. They had the power to shake a nation to its core, and to make us feel hatred like we’ve never felt before (Paul Brennan, I’m looking at you).

We decided to take a look back on some of the moments that truly shook the Irish nation.

1. Heather and Floyd get together

The storyline that has buried itself in my brain ever since watching it. Half brother and sister, Heather and Floyd finally give and get in together. But don’t worry! They didn’t know they were related when they first met. That makes all the difference.

Heather Fc

2. Dolores vs The Bishops

Ah, Dolores – the pillar of calm and clarity in Carrigstown. Who could ever forget when the Bishop family began to torment her? After wrecking her home, they eventually throw a brick through her window after Dolores threatens to go to the guards. There is a big showdown between her and Zumo, and then Mark gets in on the action. It made for some very tense viewing, altogether.

3. Christy

Literally any storyline with Christy was bound to cause some public reaction because everyone loved him. I use the past tense because unfortunately our favourite shop-teller passed away in 2014. He was always one for modernity, Christy, with him leading Carrigstown’s newest Spar shop, to much controversy.

Christy Snip

4. Bye bye Billy Meehan

Who can forget this one? Portrayed by Stuart Dunne, Billy was a true gangster until his stepson Lorcan hit him on the back of his head with a golf club. Classic.

5. The almost kiss

There once was a time in Ireland when being gay was illegal. The archaic law was finally lifted in 1993, which saw two characters on Fair City almost engage in what would have been Ireland’s first ever on screen gay kiss. Close but no cigar.

Fair City Kiss

6. Mondo becomes a father

If there is ever a name more synonymous with Fair City, then I have yet to find one. Mondo raised some eyebrows when he and his girlfriend became parents in their teens. I like to think he redeemed himself when he returned a few years ago.

7. Yvonne’s love triangle

Let’s not forget the love-triangle that was Yvonne, Paul and Connie. While being pregnant with Paul’s child, Yvonne gets with her best friend Connie. Yvonne also gives birth to the child during her and Connie’s commitment ceremony. Yep.

8. Malachy and Kay

Fair City was always one for pushing the boundaries. They definitely did this when they featured a storyline involving a priest and a woman engaging romantically. What’s more, Kay got pregnant and had an abortion when she found out the baby would have been born with severe disabilities. RTÉ had to deal with a lot of complaints about this one.

Kay Fc

9. Dolores vs Lucy

Poor old Dolores makes the list again. This time, it was at the hands of her son, Wayne’s, girlfriend Lucy. Lucy slowly became obsessed with Dolores, but not in a good way. It is clear by the end that Lucy had mental health problems however, leading her to lie about many things involving her child.

10. Paul Brennan’s romantic history

I think the name says it all. Paul is known for making his way through the town, woman to woman. I think the best moment was when he stopped the wedding and left with the bride, Helen Doyle. Fair play? Not quite sure.

Fair City 7

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