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14th Dec 2017

10 Of The Very Best Irish Tweets Of The Week


It’s that time of the week again.

The time where we share the very best of Irish Twitter on our social platform to show off what a gas bunch you all are. 

G’wan you!

This week is no different, you guys have killed it once more. Just see for yourself..

1. Wait… This… Actually makes sense?

2. Only suckers pay that 20c

3. Outsiders will never understand

4. The Irish Picasso

5. Did he get the right size though?

6. What a beautiful Apocalypse

7. Amen to that

8. “Thanks hun, Penneys’

9. Same xox

10. All that wasted money on Pandora bracelets

11. Plain or spicy?

Yiz are legends. Did we miss any great ones this week? Let us know!

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