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05th Aug 2022

10 vids that are essential watching from Reeling in the Weird

Fiona Frawley

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Following Reeling in the Weird on Instagram should be a necessary requirement for everyone who holds an Irish passport.

Obviously we learn history in school, but finding out the truth about Ireland’s first virtual pub in 1995, or learning what kids in Cavan did for Halloween in 1986? That’s the kind of information we have to seek out and find ourselves. Luckily Reeling in the Weird has all this crucial information stored for us in one handy page. There are so many gems to discover on this insta, but we’ve drafted up a quick list of the ones that can’t be missed.

1. Dating class for farmers, 1969

2. The Loch Ness Monster of Nobber, 1981

3. Dublin’s first pub creche, 1996

4. Limerick breakdancers, 1984

5. Boyzone’s debut on the Late Late Show ft. a v excited Gay Byrne, 1993

6. Frog eating contest in Offaly, 1973

7. Little boy on the Toy Show who’s terrified of Girls Aloud, 2003

8. The Castletown Donkey Derby in Limerick, 1994

9. The barista nun, 2000

10. Pat Kenny becomes pregnant, 1991

Pat Kenny got a lot of airtime there towards the end of the list, but I’m sure you’ll agree it was warranted.

So there you go! Ten vids that are the pillars of Irish society, and a hape more to discover on Reeling in the Weird’s page. Go on a deep dive this weekend. Sure what else would you be at?

Header image via Instagram/Reeling in the Weird

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