11 Life Lessons As Taught To Us All By Amy Huberman

'Ask not what you can do for the Dairy Milk but what the Dairy Milk can do for you.'

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Ah, Hubes. The nation's sweetheart and all-round great gal.

She ticks every single box, and we, for one, think she deserves a mention

An author by trade already, we think she should release a collection of go-to life lessons on how not to be a dick. We thought we'd help her out to begin with, and thought of a few ourselves...

1. Be kind, but also trust your gut

You never know what sort of weirdos are out there.

2. That no-one's ever too good to do their own vacuuming

Not even Lady Hooverman herself.

3. That everything works out for a reason

Especially if you see things that others don't.

4. That feelings are important

And crying is importanter

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5. Love is real

Especially if you're sound, funny and downright dreamy.

6. The importance of giving

7. Keeping up with current affairs is crucial

8. That you should listen to every argument

9. Always meet your heroes

10. To forgive, but never forget

'I'm only sixteen'

11. And finally, a tidy house is a tidy mind

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