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14 Memories We All Have Of Going To An Irish Teenage Disco

By Sarah

May 13, 2018 at 6:13pm


Does the scent of boy sweat and Charlie perfume bring vivid images of scoring your next-door neighbour in a dark corner to the soundtrack of The Cheeky Girls?

We thought so, and you're not alone.

Don't try to block out these traumatic memories of a time when Rimmel tan was king and you could actually drink a naggin of Huzzar straight without vomiting - those were the glory days and we will never get them back.

Take a trip down hazy memory lane of the 'Teenage Disco' - we can all relate to these experiences...

1. Hiding naggins in your bra

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2. The shiny tan tights

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3. Stocking up on chewing gum in the Tuck Shop

4. Getting put in the 'Drunk Room'


6. Playing Beat The Slapper

7. Lads wearing their best Confirmation outfit

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8. The bang of LYNX Africa

Lynx Expression Products Individual Hero 1280X720 Body Spray Africa 1 0

9. Your Da's mate was the "bouncer"

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10. "Will ya shift me mate?"

11. Slut dropping semi-sober

12. Being obsessed with the 20 year old DJ

Shutterstock 403596007

13. Spraying Lacoste perfume like a mad yoke to cover up the smell of fags

Download 6

14. And finally, the death of your innocence </3

Those memories will stay with us for life.


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