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15 Facts About McDonald's That Will Blow Your Mind

By niallharbison

December 20, 2016 at 12:18am


It is by far the most valuable fast food brand in the world and recognised the world over. No matter what your thoughts are on McDonald's they are one of the most successful businesses ever and we wanted to share some facts that make them what they are today. You won't believe these 15 crazy facts about McDonald's...

1. They Do Actually Have A Secret Menu

You've probably heard that most fast food joints have some sort of secret menu but nobody ever thought the guys in the Golden Arches would get in on the action. Check out all the dishes here. This delight below is the McGangBand.


2. McDonald's Hire 1 Million Workers Every Year In The USA Alone

And they have a total of 1.8 million people working for them across the world. The most crazy stat of all though is that 1 in 8 of every Americans have worked for them at some time in their lives.


3. McDonald's Is The Largest Owner Of Retail Property In The World

Most people think that they make all their money from the food (they do make some of course from that) but they are actually the biggest landlords in the world collecting billions in rent every year from the stores they own.

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4. McDonald's Calls People Who Eat A Lot Of Their Food "Heavy Users"

Sounds like a mix between somebody watching too much porn and somebody who needs to spend more time walking and less time eating. Which is exactly what a "Heavy user" probably is as well as spending lots of time eating Big Macs.


5. McDonald's Is The Biggest Distributor Of Toys In The World

Each year, it distributes 1.4 billion toys worldwide, which is more than Hasbro and Mattel. 20% of the meals they serve come with a toy. Get them in early!


6. McDonald's Delivers In 20+ Countries Now

Bit of a heart breaker to know if you are living in a country where they don't deliver like most of us but at least 20 countries have a super fast delivery service. Check out this Australian one to see what it looks like.


7. McDonald's Opens A New Restaurant Every 15 Hours

They are fast approaching 40,000 outlets across the globe. The majority are still in America but the speed at which they are opening globally is increasing massively.


8. It Takes The Average McDonald's Employee 7 Months To Make What A CEO Does In An Hour

There is a reason the food is so affordable and it isn't because they are paying their staff top dollar. Having said that 20,000+ people have graduated from their Hamburger University with a degree already.

9. There Is Still One McDonalds That Sells Pizza

Hard to believe I know, but McDonald's used to sell pizza. The commercial below was released in 1989 and if you still want to try pizza at a McDonald's there are still 2 of their restaurants serving it.

10. In Japan, Ronald McDonald is known as "Donald McDonald"

They don't have a sound for the letter "R" in Japanese so to make pronunciation easier they changed his name slightly.


11. Some Countries Have Banned The Fast Food Chain

Countries that have banned McDonald's include North Korea, Bolivia, Macedonia, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Iceland, Yemen, Bermuda, Montenegro and Kazakhstan.


12. More People Recognise McDonald's Golden Arches Than They Do The Catholic Cross

Both big "brands" in their own right but despite the vast amount of Catholics around the world more people are familiar with the "religion" of the Big Mac.

Holy Cross Catholic Church in St. Croix

13. You Can Buy Beer With Your McDonald's In Some Countries

Bit of a shocker for those of us living in Ireland where all we can get are soft drinks, but some countries with less strict alcohol licensing laws do allow you to have a beer with your meal. Proper order we say.


14. The McRibs Aren't Really Ribs In The Slightest

We didn't want to focus on the food too much in this article but we couldn't ignore the McRibs which apparently have a whopping 70 ingredients. The meat doesn't come from the ribs and is mixed with a bunch of preservatives before and it is shaped into a "rib shape" and frozen. The bun alone contains 34 of those ingredients. Best read the article before you have another one!


15. Sharon Stone And The Singer "Pink" Both Worked In McDonald's

With 1 in 8 Americans working there at some stage in their lives it is no surprise that so many famous people started flipping burgers. Also on the list is current Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Jay Leno.



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