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20th Dec 2016

17 Amazing Things Only Kids Of The 80’s Will Remember


It was one of the worst decades on record for fashion, but many people reading this will have been kids of the 80’s. We decided to take a look back at some of the gadgets, fashion and tech we were all scrambling to afford back then and that we’d laugh about today. It is only a matter of time before some of these are trendy yet again…

1. This was the magic time of the Reebok Pump, a shoe that you could fill with air by pushing the small basketball on the tongue of the shoe.


2. Every house you visited had a pogo ball in the kids area. Nobody every used it for more than five minutes but we’d kill for a go on one now.

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3. No matter what has come since, Pac Man was the best arcade game ever invented. Fact.


4. Before Apple made white the coolest cooler on the planet, Sony had the same trick with their yellow sports Walkman. If you owned one of these and you were the coolest kid in town.

sony walkman

5. Somebody other than you had an Amstrad CPC464 on the street and you spent days at a time in their house.


6. On pretty much everyone’s Christmas present list at the end of the 80’s. The only problem with the Tamiya Grasshopper RC Car was that it usually broke down after 10 minutes never to work again.


7. The sheer joy of popping a cartridge into the Sega Master System still lives with us today.


8. Nowadays we have smartphones and Instagram, but back them it was all about the Polaroid 660 Camera.


9. The Soda Stream machine that a few people bought and which was going to change the way we drank fizzy drinks. The dream didn’t last and then caught on again recently for some strange reason.


10. Challenge Annika started in 1989, and it captivated most of us on a Saturday night as she took on crazy tasks dressed in a ridiculous jump suit.


11. The Boom Box that sat in your room taking up a stupid amount of space for what it actually did.

BoomBox 10

12. The Nintendo Game Boy was used by parents all over the world to keep kids quiet in restaurants and on long car journeys.


13. The real original version of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and not the modern rubbish they have now.


14. The one family who had the Betamax and who kept saying it was going to win against VHS even though everybody else knew the game was up.

314697 photo vcr betamax jpgd31a52e479bd3cfe039304481bf55bc2

15. We don’t get excited about One Direction because we’ve seen it all before with New Kids On The Block. The originals!


16. The really weird ET doll that every single household had.


17. Forget the smart watches of today, back then it was all about the iconic Casio C-80 Calculator Watch. Now available in American Apparel.