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22nd May 2018

17 Apps Every Irish iPhone User Needs Right Now


Most people spend hours glued to their phone every single day of the week – but are you really getting the most out of it? 

With a very Irish focused lens, we wanted to round up the very best apps our there that will bring you better media, get you the latest breaking news and organise your life in ways you never thought possible. 

With these 17 apps you can pretty much stop thinking and let the iPhone do the work for you…


Like the dating app Tinder but way more interesting because the girls have to talk first. Eliminates a lot of the creepiness, and seriously popular already in Ireland. Worth a download for both sexes.

Screen  Shot 2015 12 15 At 15 51 52

The Journal 

There are a whole bunch of apps out there that deliver you the news including all the “old media” sites but the Journal was built for mobile and you won’t miss a thing with their great content. 

Screen  Shot 2015 12 15 At 15 22 22


Chances are you’ll be on their flights a couple of times a year. Find all the latest fares, check in and crucially you use the QR code on the app so you’re not looking for a printer at the last minute. An absolute godsend.

Screen  Shot 2015 12 15 At 15 30 53


Nothing is more annoying than rooting around for menus in the drawer, talking to somebody on the phone and then explaining where you live to the driver.

This app takes all of that out of the equation and makes ordering food way too easy! Spreading around the country over the coming months.

Screen  Shot 2015 12 15 At 15 37 37

Hailo / Uber 

Both of the big taxi apps are now here and have changed the way we grab cabs. Forget about sticking the arm out and hoping for the best and simply tap that button and start spending a ton on taxis!

Grab Hailo here and Uber here.

Screen  Shot 2015 12 15 At 15 39 40

An Irish-born sports site that won’t just keep you up to date on all the latest sport but also gives you plenty of laughs with memes, gifs and videos.

Screen  Shot 2015 12 15 At 15 23 26 Cinema Listings 

All the cinemas have their own listing sites and apps but we prefer to get them all in one reliable place – and this app has been the best at that for years.

Screen  Shot 2015 12 15 At 15 43 22


Why download music or spend time managing your library when for €10 a month you can get unlimited music at your finger tips.

Add in the fact that it has offline streaming for premium users – the non-premium version is a bit of a waste of time, reall – and this is a must. 

Screen  Shot 2015 12 15 At 15 46 06

Irish Passport Card 

We’ll soon look at the old process of getting or replacing a passport as seriously dated. This app shows the future, allowing you to take photos within the app and travel across Europe. 

Screen  Shot 2015 12 15 At 15 54 20

The AA

Tons of interesting stuff within their app but this is all about the route planner. Any journey across Ireland will be perfectly mapped out for you doing all the hard work and allowing you to just drive!

Screen  Shot 2015 12 15 At 16 06 06

We know what the rental market is like in the country so you’ll probably be spending hours within this app if you’re on the hunt.

We have an obsession with property in this country and this is the best place to peruse it.

Screen  Shot 2015 12 15 At 16 08 48

Done Deal 

Whatever it is you happen to be looking for – be it a dog, new kitchen or pair of shoes – the chances are you’ll find it on this app.

Screen  Shot 2015 12 15 At 16 09 35


Forget about the more traditional media and get a daily dose of their unique brand of humour, satire and “news for the bewildered”.

A constant stream of content and a simple app lets you get straight down to reading as well as sending in content.

Screen  Shot 2015 12 15 At 16 13 00


You never know when you’re going to need to find a new job or that when that amazing opportunity is out there waiting for you – this app makes browsing as much fun as perusing property porn.

Also super useful for employers seeking to manage candidates. Irish company too. 

Screen  Shot 2015 12 15 At 15 34 35

Father Ted Quiz App 

Should pretty much be preinstalled on every Irish iPhone to make sure we are up on our knowledge of the great show!

Screen  Shot 2015 12 15 At 15 32 24

Journey Planner

Forget scrolling through endless PDFs of timetables online and outdated websites. Fire this app up and let it plan the trip for you across multiple public transport options. Like having a butler!

Get the app on iOS here and Android here

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AIB / BOI Banking Apps 

Too many us us still spend time queuing in the bank when the reality is you can see everything and do most things from the palm of your hand. The only downside is knowing how broke you actually are.

Get BOI here and AIB here.

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