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30th Sep 2021

5 thrillers to get you prepared for spooky season

Katy Thornton

If you’re hyping yourself up for spooky season reads, we’ve got the list for you

With spooky season right around the corner, you may be in need of some fitting literature. If horror isn’t really your thing, perhaps try one of these thriller novels.

1. The Family Upstairs, Lisa Jewell

When Libby comes of age, she inherits a massive house from a family she never knew. Desperate to know more about her background, Libby begins to look into the murder that happened in the house when she was born. This novel will keep you guessing until the very end. The sequel comes out in 2022.

2. Platform Seven, Louise Doughty

Lisa sees a man on Platform Seven about to jump. Eighteen months earlier, this is where she died. Slowly Lisa begins to remember what drove her to the platform, or rather, who drove her there. This novel is long but so worth it and the story is brilliantly unwound.

3. The Hunting Party, Lucy Foley

It’s New Year’s Eve, and a group of friends decide to travel to an isolated estate in the Scottish highlands to celebrate. Days later, one of them is found dead. This novel jumps back and forward in time, keeping you guessing until the final climax.

4. The Maidens, Alex Michaelides

This is the highly anticipated second novel from the writer of The Silent Patient. When her niece’s best friend goes missing, Mariana travels to Cambridge to comfort her. Mariana is grieving her husband and needs a distraction, and soon becomes wrapped up in the case. The culprit seems obvious, and Mariana becomes obsessed with proving he is guilty.

5. Lying In Wait, Liz Nugent

All four of Liz Nugent’s novels could be on this list, but for now we’ll discuss her second book Lying In Wait. Lydia Fitzsimons has the perfect life, but she houses a secret that has the potential to derail everything. When her son Laurence discovers her secret, life will never be the same.

Have you read any of these novels yet?

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