50 Coolest Men of 2014


When I saw this list on Cool Material I thought "ah here we go here are a bunch of hipster punks I have never heard of; This will make me feel past it and well behind plan".

These articles are always full of the coolest men, most successful, inspirational leaders from across the globe. Lets face it we all want a little bit of fame and admiration. When I looked at the list and noticed the average age was well above what I had expected it made me feel better about knocking on the door of 40 next year. Brad Pitt is 51, George is 53 and lets face it, they still have it. I could happily say pick anyone of these guys for a night on the town and it would be a good laugh but I've picked my top 7 that featured on Cool Material's list that I think have really stood out from the other 43.


1. Robert Downey Jr

He is Iron Man! He is also the great actor out there only because he plays himself (a slick motherfucker). I could watch him all day as Tony Stark, who by the way he modelled on Elon Musk who is on the list too. Bobbie you are welcome over any day or night you want.


2. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo is a few months older than me and I feel like he is a friend from school. Possibly because he was in Lassie and I had a dog that looked just like her. He is genuinely a hard working Hollywood star. Again most of his movies are pretty good. I am a big fan of Wolf and watch the Beach every time it is on. Inception made me think for the first time at a movie. I am disappointed he dropped out of the Steve Jobs movie as he would have been awesome. Leo, lets meet up for a movie some time?


3. Woody Harrelson

Once Woody got out of Cheers we started to see the real guy. I just love the instability of his characters. Favourite is Roy Bunsen in King Pin but you got to give him kudos for his Haymitch Abernathy in the Hunger Games. Woody lets go bowling Friday dude!


4. Bill Murray

They say once you get past 40 you stop caring about what people think. Bill has been like this all his life. Best work clearly Caddy Shack! Not sure if it is him or a parody account on Twitter but makes me laugh regularly. Also an awesome character in King Pin, is there a theme here? Bill, golf?


5. Christian Bale

You have to admire Christian's dedication to his trade, he has lost weight, gained weight, gotten ripped for film roles. I just watch his movies no matter what. Greatest Batman actor in my opinion. Rescue Dawn was just a movie that needs more recognition. Cool guy with a nice tash always!


6. All the Brads and George

Only cause these would be the guys that would play me in my biopic. Handsome, ageing well, snappy dressers, nice other halves. Hang on- they must be based on me.


7. Conor McGregor

Irish, ripped and world champ. He is gonna be huge. I look forward to his Boston fight and a potential homecoming bout this summer (rumour starter?).


5 People I think should be on the list:

5. Scott Disick

I just think Scott is cool, he is funny and makes my Keeping Up With The Kardashian's habit worth pursuing. He dresses well, gets paid to turn up in place and do very little and is always on top of the latest social media trends.


4. Rich Froning

World Crossfit champ, can do anything and win and in pretty handsome shape.


3. Kelly Slater

Surfer, world champ 11 times, 42 years old, 43 in a few weeks, loves surfing in Ireland and lives the dream.


2. Shane Smyth

Vice CEO, his ambition and desire to grow from underground underdog publication to essentially one of the greatest media companies in the world. That is beard and hell raiser attitude.


1. Lenny Kravitz

Just cause he is ageing gracefully. He makes me believe that my 40s can be a time when I don't worry about dressing too hip or getting wrinkles.


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Written By

Graham Kinsella

General Manager Lovin Group