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7 Celebrities Who Were Hipsters Long Before We Knew What The Term Meant

By niallharbison

December 20, 2016 at 12:18am


Wherever you look these days you see hipsters with their beards, plaid shirts and general unkempt looks. Its without doubt the biggest fashion trend of our generation just like the punks, mods or 80's styles were in the past. As with everything fashion related, trends come and go and most are recycled from a previous generation. Take these 7 celebrity hipsters for example who were doing it long before you had started growing your first pube...

1. Harrison Ford

Scary how many guys we see walking around capital cities in Europe every single day of the week looking like this, thinking they're original. Turns out Harrison was doing this back in the 70's.

2. James Dean

Very possibly the original hipster who just oozed cool no matter what he was doing. Back then smoking was cool and nobody did it better than Dean.


3. Buddy Holly

You could argue he made those glasses famous. It took serious chops to wear them back then- even though they are all over the place today.


4. Al Pacino

Probably thought he was staying warm in New York with his beard and wooly hat back then. Little did he know he was embodying the look so many spend hours perfecting today.


5. John Lennon

Looks like pretty much every barista who serves us out coffee today!


6. Johnny Depp

He's been around for a few decades but from day one his unique style screamed hipster. The trend for dressing like a hipster will have moved on soon but Johnny won't be changing for anybody.


7. Phil Collins

Think of him now as a bald old washed up rocker but back in the day he was the coolest man in town! Hard to believe.


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