7 spooky reads for spooky season

By Katy Thornton

October 7, 2021 at 2:01pm


If you're looking to get into the spooky season spirit!

Finally October is upon us, which means it is spooky time. What better way to get stuck in than with a spooky novel. Here's our top picks of the best fiction to give you some serious chills.

1. It, Stephen King

The ultimate horror novel from the ultimate horror writer. It follows a group of kids who find themselves facing a monster they only know as 'It'. This is a beast of a novel at over 1,000 pages long, but if you're a lover of horror, it is a must.

2. Silence of the Lambs, Thomas Harris

Everyone has heard of Hannibal Lecter, and The Silence of the Lambs gives us just a glimpse into his character. FBI Special Agent Clarice Starling works on the case of Buffalo Bill, a serial killer murdering women. The one person that can help her is Dr. Hannibal Lecter, but at what price?


3. Frankenstein, Mary Shelley

Frankenstein was published in 1818 by Mary Shelley. It tells the story of Doctor Victor Frankenstein, who creates life through a scientific experiment and instantly regrets it. The beginning of this novel is a little long-winded, but the story that proceeds it is amazing and a must read for horror fans.

4. Dracula, Bram Stoker

Irish author Bram Stoker published Dracula in 1897 and it is where most vampire stories originated from. Jonathon Harker travels to Transylvania to meet with Count Dracula over buying property in England. He soon realises something is amiss and that Count Dracula is interested in much more than property.

5. You, Caroline Kepnes


You've all heard of the Netflix series, but did you know it originated from a book? You by Caroline Kepnes follows Joe Goldberg as he becomes increasingly obsessed with Guinevere Beck, a girl who wanders into his bookstore one day. Believe it or not, the book is actually creepier than the TV series.

6. The Road, Cormac McCarthy

Cormac McCarthy weaves a haunting tale about a father and son making their way through an apocalypse. It's minimal and devastating, a literary masterpiece aside from being a great spooky story.

7. Misery, Stephen King

We had to include a second Stephen King novel on this list. Misery follows author Paul Sheldon after he gets into a car crash and is miraculously rescued by his number one fan, Annie. However, Annie isn't happy with how Paul finished his last book, and soon Paul wishes he had never been rescued. This novel is the perfect spooky season read.


Have you read any of these horror tales?

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