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15th Jun 2017

9 Brilliant Irish Comedy Movies You Need To Have Checked Off Your List

James Fenton

It’s the weekend and payday seems feckin’ miles away. No better excuse to curl up on the sofa or equally comfy alternative and stick on one of the many classic Irish comedy movies which have captured the hearts of a nation. 

Be warned. You’ll laugh so much you’ll choke on your popcorn.

Here’s our top nine in no particular order. Enjoy! 

The Guard

Starring Brendan Gleeson as the crass Sergeant Gerry Boyle who is the opposite of what most people expect a member of Ireland’s police force to be like.  

In Bruges

Domhnall’s Da stars in this one as well alongside Castleknock lothario Colin Farrell. The lads play a couple of hitmen sent to Belgium and they end up having very different views of the place. 

Inside I’m Dancing

Also known as Rory O’Shea Was Here, James McAvoy’s sharp one-liners make this one as gas as it is sweet. 

The Van

Set during the pre-Celtic Tiger era of Italia ’90, Roddy Doyle’s tale of two no-hopers running a burger van is a nostalgic delight for Irish people. 


If you like your comedy a bit on the dark and violent side then this Dublin caper is for you. 

The Young Offenders

The most recent addition to the list, this one tells of two delinquent Cork teenagers on the hunt for a washed up batch of cocaine. It’s on Netflix so you won’t even have to walk to the video shop. Even if you did, it would be well worth it.

The Stag

Not your average stag do but an enjoyable romp nonetheless. Plus Amy Huberman is in it. 

Sing Street

You won’t fail to fall in love with this one upon your first watch. Set during the 80s with a killer soundtrack, it has charmed international audiences as much as Irish ones. 

The Snapper

We couldn’t leave it out, could we? Perhaps the most quotable Irish movie of all time, the Curley family are always a welcome addition to any Irish living room. 

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