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17th Apr 2020

A fan has reimagined Gavin & Stacey in lockdown and it’s actually pretty accurate

Sarah Finnan

Gavin & Stacey lockdown episode

Gavin & Stacey… but in lockdown.

People have been noting an increase in really vivid dreams as of late – brought on by a changed routine and increased stress due to the current circumstances. And though we can’t say the exact same thing has been happening to us, our minds have been consumed by one thing during quarantine; Gavin and Stacey and the gang.

Or more specifically, how they’d be handling social distancing – only natural, considering we’ve rewatched the entire series while in quarantine. Turns out we’re not alone in wondering how the crew would be getting on either, as one fan has come up with his own version of a lockdown episode.

A scriptwriter and composer, David McCormack took to Twitter to share his thoughts on how a Gavin & Stacey lockdown episode might go down… and it’s hilariously accurate.

“From time to time I like to sit and think about how the characters in Gavin and Stacey would be handling the lockdown at the moment. What follows is my best prediction.”

So, what does he reckon would happen?

The episode starts much like many others, with Gavin talking to Stacey on the phone. Both living apart, Gavin in Essex and Stacey in Barry, they “mutually decided that both parties would be safer staying put”.

Cue the opening credits, after which the camera shoots to Pam who has a meltdown convincing herself that she has contracted Covid-19 after opening a letter without disinfecting it first. “Oh my Christ. Mick! I’ve got the coronavirus!”

She, of course, insists on social distancing at home – making Mick leave all her meals outside the bedroom door. Dawn and Pete make a cameo via videocall, while Gwen tries to maintain a sense of normality down in Barry. As for Bryn? Well, he’s his usual quirky self.

Have a read of the thread below and tell us it’s not scarily believable?!

David invited fellow tweeters to share their thoughts and ideas with him, but to be honest, we think he’s hit the nail on the head with this one and there have been several calls to make the episode happen.

Wonder what James Cordon would make of it all…

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