An Post Has Released Thin Lizzy Stamps To Mark The Band’s 50th Anniversary But They’re A Year Too Early

By Sarah Finnan

October 3, 2019 at 2:55pm


A nice gesture, but it seems their facts might be wrong.

An Post has just unveiled a new set of commemorative stamps at a special event at the GPO today.

Drummer Brian Downey was on hand for the launch of the stamps, which were released as a tribute to the iconic band on their 50th anniversary.

Designed by Steve Averill, they depict Thin Lizzy’s Black Rose album cover and a portrait of Phil Lynott.

There’s just one problem though; Terry O’Neill, the band’s former manager has suggested that they’re a year too early.


According to O’Neill, 2019 only marks 49 years since the band’s formation as they came to be in January 1970, as opposed to December 1969 which is the date stated on the Thin Lizzy Wikipedia page.

Sounds like this is a classic case of Chinese whispers.

Either way though, the stamps are a lovely way to honour homegrown talent. Having launched today, they will be on sale for a full year until October 2 2020.


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