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16th Apr 2020

Andrea Bocelli breaks YouTube world record as millions tune in for his Easter performance

Sarah Finnan

Andrea Bocelli music for hope

Andrea Bocelli has broken a YouTube world record thanks to his Music For Hope gig.

Italian opera singer, Andrea Bocelli, performed a special Easter performance from an empty Dumo Cathedral in Milan. Hoping to spread a “message of love, healing and hope to Italy and the world”, the Music For Hope concert was live-streamed directly to his YouTube channel.

Millions of people tuned in from around the globe – helping the singer to break a world record in the process. Adding YouTube star to his long list of accolades, Bocelli now holds the world record for the most-watched live-streamed classical music event of all time.

With almost 3 million (2.8million to be exact) peak concurrent viewers, the concert was also the largest simultaneous audience for a classical live stream on the platform.

The performance has been viewed over 35 million times since being uploaded online over the weekend – 28 million of those coming within the first 24 hours.

A statement from Bocelli about Sunday’s event reads:

“I am moved and delighted to have received such an overwhelming reaction, that has gone beyond our highest expectations.

For an artist, the event is the reason for the sacrifices of a lifetime; for a believer and a Catholic as I am, it was further confirmation of the benevolent smile with which the Heavenly Father looks to his children.

It was an immeasurable honour and privilege to lend my voice to the prayers of millions of people, gathered in a single embrace – a small, great miracle of which the whole world was the protagonist and which confirms my optimism about the future of our planet.’

Thanks to everyone who worked in the shadows for weeks, from management to the record label, and especially to all of those who have shared this moment with us, to stay truly united.”

The performance is still available to watch on YouTube in case you missed the live viewing,

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