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Apparently This Is The One Thing That Makes A Man Absolutely Irresistible

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Ever wondered what some guys have over others that make them more attractive? That one thing you can’t just quite put your finger on?…

Hmm, apparently it’s merely a bit of ink.

Yep, a survey by dating app Type found that two thirds of women are more attracted to men who have tattoos, with 64% of them stating that they have a huge perference for fellas who are inked.

“We’ve been surprised just how strong the trends are when it comes to tattoos. So many of our users are looking for someone with a bit of body art – it’s clearly a turn on for both men and women,” Benno Spencer, Type’s CEO said.

Previous research found that women subconsciously associate tattoos with “good health, masculinity, aggressiveness and dominance,” so that might explain why.

There you go lads, a trip to the local tattoo parlour might be needed if you’ve been getting a lot of knockbacks of late. What do you think gals?

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