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21st Nov 2022

ASMR, Redhead and Chubby – Ireland’s top Pornhub searches revealed

Fiona Frawley

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We just wanna check in on Clare real quick.

You may have seen this map doing the rounds on Twitter over the weekend – a county-by-county breakdown of Ireland’s top Pornhub searches, as compiled by the websites’ insights team.

Ireland’s top Pornhub searches, Via Pornhub Insights /

A healthy mix of classic categories and some we can safely say we’ve never heard of but hey, to each their own. No kink shaming here. Not even for Sligo.

The top relative searches for each county are as follows:

  • Carlow: Wedding
  • Cavan: Anime
  • Clare: British Milf
  • Cork: BBW
  • Donegal: Femdom
  • Dublin: Dublin
  • Galway: Redhead
  • Kerry: Ebony
  • Kildare: Cosplay
  • Kilkenny: Handjob
  • Laois: Anime
  • Leitrim: POV
  • Limerick: Big Tits
  • Longford: Big Ass
  • Louth: ASMR
  • Mayo: Mature
  • Meath: Creampie
  • Monaghan: Blowjob
  • Offaly: Transgender
  • Roscommon: Granny
  • Sligo: British
  • Tipperary South: Chubby
  • Tipperary North: Strapon
  • Waterford: Pegging
  • Westmeath: Squirt
  • Wexford: Cartoon
  • Wicklow: Japanese

Also, shoutout to Dublin for further solidifying our reputation of being absolutely obsessed with ourselves.

While these aren’t the top searches for the individual region, they are the terms most likely to be searched for in each region when compared to the rest of the country, according to

To examine how Irish visitors to Pornhub compared to the rest of the world, the insights team also checked out the top relative categories – the types of videos that are proportionately viewed more in Ireland when compared to their average popularity worldwide.

The findings were as follows:

Via Pornhub Insights /

In a twist that I don’t think any of us saw coming, ‘British’ was 265% more popular in Ireland when compared to the rest of the world. A lot to unpack there.

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