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25th Nov 2017

Blindboy Explains Why He Wears A Plastic Bag Over His Head In This Clip


Blindboy Boatclub, one half of The Rubberbandits, is now five episodes deep into his new podcast series.

In the latest instalment of the eclectic show containing “short fiction, interviews and comedy”, the gas cuntist fielded a question from a listener, one that every Rubberbandits fan has probably wanted to ask at some point.

“Why are you wearing a bag on your head?”

While you may assume that his response would be to the effect that it’s all part of his persona, in truth he wears the bag to allow him to maintain his privacy and to protect his mental health from the damaging effects of celebrity.

Listen to how Blindboy puts it in the clip below.

To listen to this podcast in full, click HERE.

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