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17th Jan 2023

Brad Pitt reveals he’d love to own a home in Ireland

Katy Thornton

Wouldn’t we all Brad.

Turns out that our dreams are the same as American actor Brad Pitt’s as he has revealed he would love to own a home in Ireland. In a conversation with Today FM, when asked about rumours he’d been looking to buy in Waterford a few years back, Brad Pitt said this:

“I do love it there. It’s just so beautiful that I actually would love to have a spot there.”

The scenery the Emerald Isle offers isn’t the only thing drawing Brad Pitt to our fair country; he’s apparently also a huge Bono fan. He told Today FM that he had seen Bono promoting his new memoir Surrender during a stage show and that he wished it, “it would’ve gone on for another three hours“. He described the show as “moving“, “joyful“, and “beautifully reflective“.

Brad Pitt summed up his opinion of the U2 singer in a simple sentence.

“You know, it’s Bono, there’s no other man like him.”

Maybe they can be neighbours when Brad eventually buys a gaff here? Although he’s going to have to cancel his Neflix subscription and stop eating avocado toast like the rest of us if he hopes to afford it, isn’t he?

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