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16th Nov 2019

Brendan Grace’s family discuss their ‘Last Supper’ with beloved comedian

Darragh Murphy

Brendan Grace's family

Brendan Grace’s family have paid a touching tribute to the comedian.

Grace passed away in July at the age of 68 and the beloved entertainer’s wife, Eileen, appeared on The Late Late Show on Friday night to discuss the gap that she feels in her life.

Eileen explained how the silence of her house in Brendan’s absence struck her in the weeks after his death.

“I miss him terribly, as you can imagine,” she told Ryan Tubridy on The Late Late Show.

“He left a lot of work for me to do, so he’s making sure I’m very busy. It didn’t stop for us because we had a job to do as soon as Brendan passed. We had to get that show on the road for him, Forget-Me-Nots (choir), and the big show in the Olympia.

“It hit me after that. The silence of the house. That big presence. It’s just gone. When you’re with somebody, and you’re that close to somebody for 50 years, and it’s just gone.

“When I get up in the morning I almost feel disappointed that he’s not going to be there.”

Brendan’s two daughters, Melanie and Amanda, also appeared on the television show and talked about the comic’s final days in the Galway Clinic.

Brendan found out that his final days were approaching the previous Friday and the family all sat down for their last meal together on Sunday, unbeknownst to them.

Eileen said: “He had been told on that Friday that his time was near. We didn’t know that until that Monday, it was only afterwards we heard that. When he sat down to have that meal with us that night, he knew that his time was nearer than what we knew.”

His daughter, Melanie said: “We set it up in a cafeteria, we got balloons and plates and put all the tables together. It was the last day he walked down that hallway with us. We didn’t know that at the time.

“We all just sat at that table, we had a big Chinese meal. We talked, we cried and we laughed. We considered it the last supper.”