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31st Jan 2020

Brian McFadden v Eminem is the beef you weren’t expecting to see in 2020

James Fenton

Given that Eminem released an album just a couple of weeks ago, Brian McFadden can consider himself quite lucky to have escaped being the subject of a diss track.

That’s because the former Westlife man has unceremoniously thrown a flaming hot insult at the rapper this morning which will no doubt catch Slim Shady completely off guard.

Sharing an image of Slim alongside 50 Cent and Dr. Dre at a ceremony to mark Fiddy’s addition to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, McFadden took a pop at the 8 Mile star’s appearance, likening him to Screech from Saved By The Bell, of all people.

Being careful to praise the rapper, real name Marshall Mathers, before landing the fatal blow, Brian’s exact words went like so: ‘I love Eminem as an artist. He’s a genius. But why does he always make that I’m hard as nails gansta don’t fuck with me face? He’s really just screech from saved by the bell with a chain around his neck.’

Insert Ashton Kutcher BURN gif here. For his part, Eminem is yet to respond so it’s quite likely that McFadden’s fighting words have yet to reach him across the Atlantic. When they do, you better believe Em will be scrambling for the pen to jot down some killer comeback rhymes aimed at the Artane man.

This isn’t the first time that Brian has called people out on Twitter, having famously challenged ISIS to a straightener a few years back…

Given that both McFadden and Eminem sprang to international fame around the same time in 1999, it almost feels like both their careers were leading up to this point.

McFadden v Mathers, the beef we never knew we needed. Has anyone got Eddie Hearn’s number?