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29th Jul 2020

British media has claimed Paul Mescal as their own and Irish Twitter is not happy

Sarah Finnan

Paul Mescal

Irish Twitter is up in arms after fans noticed a number of UK media outlets describing Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott as ‘British’. This comes in the wake of the Emmy Award nominations yesterday for which both Paul and Andrew have been nominated.

A number of media outlets over in the UK have sparked rage amongst Irish fans (particularly those on Twitter who have been very vocal about the situation) after people noticed that they were trying to claim Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott as their own. Both Irish actors, more than a few newspapers and online publications described the two as ‘British’… which didn’t go down too well this side of the pond.

Reporting on the Emmy Award nominees yesterday, many took issue with the Guardian’s coverage of the news in particular. Originally reading: “There was a strong showing for British talent including Paul Mescal nominated for Normal People, Dev Patel for Modern Love, Andrew Scott for Black Mirror and Matthew McFadyen for Succession”, the piece has since been amended to read “British and Irish talent”.

Derry Girls actress Nicola Coughlan also weighed in on the matter, tweeting to ask: “Why is this still happening in 2020?? Just stop calling Irish people British there’s no excuse.”

With Paul hailing from Kildare and Andrew originally Dublin-born, Irish Twitter has little time for the apparent ‘mix-up’.

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