10 Irish People Who Will Give You Serious #Fitspiration On Instagram

Lord knows we'll be needing a little motivation after the impending festivities...

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Getting to the gym or doing any sort of exercise on a regular basis can be a tough ask for any of us mere mortals.

Luckily, there are a huge amount of people on Instagram who are there to inspire you into putting in the hard work. 

Here are a few of the best to turn to when you need your daily dose of motivation.

1. Sophie Kavanagh is a personal trainer and she seems to spend every spare second there giving us all inspiration to do the same

2. Brian Lee is the owner of the Chopped salad bars, but also one of the fittest people in the country

It's all about the core #corework #gettingbackonit #catalistics

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3. Mark O'Dwyer is a strength and conditioning coach and you can see that he clearly practices what he preaches


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4. Roz Purcell is one of the best known models in the country, but also obsessed with fitness and sharing her routines

5. Fionnula McHale is both fitness fanatic and doctor, who teaches other people about their bodies and how to improve their fitness at a high level

6. Molly McKeever has her own yoga studio and is hugely inspiration when it comes to fitness

7. Vogue Williams is a well-known celebrity, actress and DJ, but she seems to spend just as much time in the gym inspiring us all

8. Rob Lipsett is a personal trainer, works with brands, wins awards and has the abs to back it all up with

9. Sarah Godfrey is actually Rob's (number 8) other half, but a star in her own right. Couple goals!

10. Sian Walton is making a serious name for herself with her approach to fitness and huge following on Instagram. Expect her to break through big time in 2017

#happyhumpday 🍩💕 Wearing @gymshark, link is my bio☺️

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