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20th Dec 2016

Here’s 9 Irish Beauty Staples Every Gal Or Guy Should Own

Alana Laverty

Most people would be surprised to learn how many spectacular beauty products are handmade on our small island – and just how deadly they are. 

The following nine products are not only tried and tested, but absolutely life-changing. 

1. Skin’s Superfood Repair Cream, Bia Beauty

This cream will improve your skin’s appearance in ways you never thought possible. 

It’s gentle and soothing yet packed with enough power to deal with almost all skin problems.

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2. Cocoa Brown Tan

We’re a nation obsessed with fake tan, and sure what of it?

Cocoa B is the only way to go.

There is nothing better than waking up looking bronzed and beautiful. You can buy it in any Penneys, Boots, or online. Easy peasy. 

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3. Organic Rosewater

Just as I was hitting my teens, my mom ordered me to start using rose water on my face every day. And thank God she did. 

It has many benefits – including warding off acne and locking in your skin’s moisture, so I guess you could say that it’s pretty important. 

This handy one comes in a spray bottle, for just €7.95.

Screen Shot 2016 06 23 At 10 48 59

4. Seaweed & Apricot Facial Scrub, Green Angel

This deep cleansing exfoliant removes dead skin cells, unblocks pores, removes impurities and excess oils but nourishes and moisturises all at the same time.

We’ll take ten please!

Screen Shot 2016 06 23 At 11 01 55

5. Luminosity Refining Radiance Exfoliator, VOYA

With ingredients like sour cherry oil and pineapple enzyme how could this not be unreal for you? It will give even the dullest skin a new lease of life. 

VOYA are an amazing Sligo-born company who are revolutionising the use of seaweed in the beauty world. Check out their seaweed baths down in Strandhill – they’re life-changing. 

Screen Shot 2016 06 23 At 11 16 40

6. Body Oil, Waxperts

This miraculous liquid is similar to ‘Bio Oil’ but lavender based. Eh, love?

It has many a function, including reducing stretch marks, treating sun damage and hydrating dry and cracked skin. A staple methinks. 

Screen Shot 2016 06 23 At 11 46 55

7. Firming Body Balm, Nia

This balm firms and tightens areas with a dimpled appearance and poor circulation AKA, cellulite. It’s only natural that this occurs in our bodies, so why not use a natural product to diminish it?

A powerful blend of mango, avocado, mandarin and pink grapefruit – sounds good enough to eat for breakfast!

Screen Shot 2016 06 23 At 11 51 22

8. Crown Brushes

These guys are pretty well known, but incredible nonetheless.

Brushes are vital in any beauty routine, and you won’t find better than Crown‘s ones. 

Screen Shot 2016 06 23 At 12 48 11

And, last but not least…

9. Grapefruit Body Butter, The Handmade Soap Company

I highly recommend every single product from these guys, but alas, I have chosen one. A sweet, acidic grapefruit whisked together with warm may chang and shea butter body cream.

You’ll be lookin’ good, feelin’ fab and smellin’ unreaaal. 


Don’t be, we’re a deadly country with amazing natural resources.

Now, wouldn’t you rather put natural, Irish-made products on you skin than processed, chemical-filled shite from God only knows where?