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20th Dec 2016

Chrissy Teigen Loves Kerrygold Butter Too – TOAST FOR EVERYONE!


If ever there was a woman whose body screamed “I love butter” more than Chrissy Teigen’s, well, we’ve yet to meet her.

Okay, okay: let’s be serious, guys – there is zero chance that Chrissy Teigen is as into warm, buttery toast as we are. But according to her Snapchat (@chrissyteigen bbz), she’s got a mighty grá for Kerrygold, and who could blame her?

Img 0651

And, lest ye be suspicious: this profession of love for the Irish spread is NOT AN AD, guys! (God be with the days when you could just believe a casual celebrity endorsement for what it was – a confession of love.)

Anyway, we loved Chrissy before (because she’s gas) and we love her now (because she loves butter). We’re simple folk, and easy to please.

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