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23rd Jan 2020

Colin Farrell showed off his Abrakebabra black card on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Darragh Murphy

Colin Farrell on Abrakebabra

Colin Farrell’s mission to spread the word of Abrakebabra continued this week.

We’ve known that Colin Farrell is a huge fan of Abrakebabra for a number of years and his loyalty to the chain of kebab shops has now been rewarded with the first ever Abrakebabra black card.

The Dubliner had previously received a gold card from his favourite place to eat but the ante has since been upped.

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week, Colin was supposed to be discussing his role as The Penguin in the upcoming film, The Batman, but instead, the 43-year-old wanted to show off his ability to buy unlimited kebabs for himself and his friends.

“How could you forget such a name? It’s Abrakebabra,” Colin explained. “May you never forget that name!

“First they gave me a gold card because I did an interview for this kebab shop in Aer Lingus magazine, which is our national airline. And because the good people at Abrakebabra read my interview in the Aer Lingus magazine, they gave me a gold card.

“But then of course I came on lovely Ellen’s show and your lovely show and basically took the f*cking thing international.

“So I got a call from them saying that they had printed up a black card.”

When asked if the black card was superior to the gold card, Colin said: “Nobody has a black card! The Pope doesn’t have a black card.”