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15th Dec 2020

Cyberpunk 2077 could be the last great Collector’s Edition of the PS4 era

Rory Cashin

An absolute must-own for gamers.

There has been plenty of talk lately about how gaming is about to get fully digital, an argument that was given fuel by the fact that both the new PlayStation and the new Xbox consoles come in digital-only versions.

Essentially, this means all games will be purchased as downloads, and all physical copies will be left behind, which could mean trouble for physical stores, as well as second-hand resellers.

However, the same was previously said about books, music, and movies, and in reality, physical sales will likely always have a place in this world, but it is just a matter of finding the correct reason to purchase them.

Movies have their commentaries and behind-the-scenes docs on the special Blu-Ray editions, music fans will always state that it just sounds better on vinyl, and reading will likely forever be something we will just want to do with an actual book.

When it comes to gaming, that reason to purchase the physical copy is still to be fully determined, but certainly one of the biggest reasons to buy physical games will comes down to Collector’s Editions, and when it comes to recent release Cyberpunk 2077, we could be looking at the last great Collector’s Edition of the current generation of consoles.

We were lucky enough to get our hands on one of these Collector’s Editions, and it arrived in this behemoth delivery box, fashioned in a similar design to items found within the game itself.

The folks behind The Witcher series of games are delving into a sci-fi future with the new game, so obviously they can have a lot of fun with that, design-wise. Once you successfully open the box, inside is a bright yellow container, in the same shape as a safety deposit box you might find in a bank.

Open that up, and inside are the majority of your goodies…

On one side, you’ll find the game itself, underneath a see-through layer, over-layed with the signatures of some of the major players who worked on the game itself.

On the other side, the top level reveals a gorgeous art book, which goes deep into the origins and progressions of Night City, where the game is based, as well as everything from the guns, weapons, and primary characters you’ll come across as you play.

Remove the book, and underneath you’ll find the steelbook case for the game, and a huge pull-out map for Night City, which really gives an indication of the size and the detail they’ve gone into for creating this particular gaming world.

Around those are four small yellow cases, and inside are some limited edition collectibles, including a keyring, badges, stickers, and patches.

Cased separately within the larger box is the centrepiece of the edition, a statue of the main character V, riding his futuristic motorbike into a cybernetic foe.

Obviously, delving into your wallet for a Collector’s Edition for each and every major release is not the way forward for most players, but it is certainly a way to keep physical gaming alive right now, and for fans of these games, a physical memory of why they loved them so much, as well as some very valuable information on how the games themselves were made.

We’re already looking forward to what the next generation of Collector’s Edition gaming has in store for us.

Cyberpunk 2077 is available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia right now.

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