Dog owner raging after fluffy pup comes back from groomer ‘looking like Pennywise’

By Charlie Herbert

March 15, 2023 at 9:37am


Several said the owner was to blame for the drastic transformation, not the groomer.

A dog owner has been left shocked with how their beloved pooch came back from the groomers – prompting comparisons between the poodle and the terrifying clown Pennywise.

In a post on Reddit, the person shared a before and after of their dog, writing: “I feel like my dog looks way too cute. Barber replied: ‘I got chu fam [sic]’.”

The post has received more than 18,300 upvotes and over 260 comments, with many stunned by the dog’s stark transformation.

But a number of people lept to the defence of the groomer, said the owner was to blame for failing to brush the mixed-breed poodle’s coat.

One user said: “Although this poor dog looks like Pennywise, what people have been saying about brushing them is so important.


“I just got a doodle and have been researching them. This is something I knew going in but I imagine it came as a shock to some owners who got a doodle when they ‘came into fashion’ a few years back.”

The poodle to Pennywise transformation was jarring for the dog's owner. (Reddit)

Another person wrote: “Dog groomer’s spouse here. I hear horror stories about doodles at least twice a day.

“Apparently about one out of every five to 10 are so matted underneath the top coat that they need to be shaved down.

“My wife gets cussed out almost every time this happens, even though they tell owners (and even send out letters) about regularly brushing their doodle.”


A third said: “I have a doodle. He needs to be brushed every day or even my fingers run through his matting spots (back legs, underarms) otherwise it is a nightmare.

“It breaks my heart when I see people who very clearly don’t brush their doodles. It’s very easy to tell matted fur from curly fur.”

But one dog groomer questioned whether it the drastic shave was quite so necessary.

They wrote: “Even if the dog was that matted… Why leave the ears? That looks ridiculous! At least make it more proportionate.”

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