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05th Oct 2018

Viewers Are Very Angry With Virgin Media Television (TV3) About This New Programme That Recently Aired Last Night

Darragh Berry

As you will know by now, what was once TV3 has changed its name to Virgin Media Television One and with that, it has brought in a whole host of new and original shows.

One of those shows, viewers believes is a blatant rip-off of one of the best things that has ever been aired on RTÉ.

‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ on VMT recaps all the news, sport and entertainment from the last 20 years with music played over it.

Sound familiar?…

Yep, VMT has basically created its own version of ‘Reeling In The Years’ but just with an Oasis title instead and funnily enough, the title is actually the theme song too.

It was created to celebrate TV3 – now Virgin Media Television – being in operation for 20 years, starting with the year 1998.

But as you know, Reeling In The Years is an institution here in Ireland and many people took to Twitter to show their disgust last night after the third installment of the show was aired.

“That programme ‘Don’t look back in anger’ is a poor man’s Reeling in the years”

“Don’t look back in anger on @VirginMediaIE is reeling in the years and I’m not ok. Reeling in the years will always be the best show ever @rte”

“Don’t Look Back in Anger is like the Oasis to Reeling in The Years Blur.”

“New show on now on TV3 or whatever its now going by called ‘Don’t look back in anger’ which is the most blatant ‘reeling in the years’ rip off ever…Throw in a lawsuit RTE!”

“Virgin Media Tv now has it’s own version of Reeling in the Years, they’ve called it ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’!! #ahhere”

Well lads, ye better get used to it because it’s got another 18 episodes to go…

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