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17th Jan 2023

DWTS judge Arthur Gourounlian ‘gyrated’ with Kate Middleton on a London dancefloor

Fiona Frawley

side by side images of Arthur Gourounlian and kate middleton

A story for the ages.

As Royal drama and the backlash from Prince Harry’s tell-all (some would even say tell-too-much) memoir continues to populate headlines, there’s a new bizarre Windsor family story to throw into the mix.

Arthur Gourounlian allegedly gyrated with Princess of Wales Kate Middleton in a London nightclub.

Arthur, who you may know as a Dancing With The Stars Ireland judge and the husband of Brian Dowling shared the story on 2FM’s Jennifer Zamparelli show, encouraged by a completely enthralled Jen.

The dancer recalled:

Years ago when I was a dancer, I used to go partying a lot and there’s a place on the King’s Road, there’s a club, I don’t know if it’s still open.

I was actually dancing and then there was this lady who was on the dance floor.

She grabbed me and I was dancing, and then I was behind her… And I was gyrating with her…

It was Kate Middleton.

Watch the interview below:

Positively giddy, Arthur continues: “Oh my god, I can’t believe it”, before assuring “She was on a break though [from William], remember when they had that break?”

No harm, no foul Kate.

Naturally, 2FM and Dancing With The Stars host Jennifer was curious about the Princesses moves, and asked: “Was she a good dancer?” to which Arthur replied diplomatically “She was okay”, before following up with “she can move. She was… you know.. moving”. Say no more Arthur, say no more.

Header image via 2FM/Shutterstock