12 Very Questionable Debs Trends We All Fell Victim To

Diamantes, so many diamantes...


Your Debs night is a magical night.

You plan weeks, months, years even, in advance of what you're going to wear, what your hair will be like and of course the big question: who you're going to bring.

The night comes and you pass it in a glorious drunken state, and you get on with your life, full of happy, hazy memories from that night.

But we're here to shed some light on Debs of the past. They weren't all as glamorous as you remember - leopard print dresses. Need I say any more?

Not to worry as we all succumbed to these, at the time, very trendy Debs trends.

1. Satin woven from the Gods themselves

Was there any more desirable material for your Debs dress than satin? The shinier, the better.

Floral Deb


2. A lovely shawl for your shoulders

Or if you're feeling fierce fancy, a pashmina.

3. One shoulder dresses

But the size of the strap is key: the smaller and thinner the better.

4. Channeling your inner Greek Goddess

Honestly, if your dress didn't resemble a stylish modern toga, who even were you?

5. It's all about the patterns

The bigger, and quite frankly, the more floral, the more stylish you were.

Deb Pattern


6. The only way is maxi

For a good while in the Debs world, maxi dresses were all the rage. Were you heading to the beach or to your Debs? Unclear, but you were the height of sophistication.

7. As much material as your body can handle

Indulging your inner Princess spirit and making that skirt is poofy as possible. Was it impractical? Most definitely. But was it cool? Hell yes.

8. Short and sweet

Short, flouncy dresses made their debut. They didn't stay around very long, but they made their mark.

9. A messy side bun with a side-fringe

The hairstyle of every Irish teenager in the early noughties.

10. This picture

This picture... is Irish debs.

11. Cutout and diamonds and sparkles oh my!

All of the bling, please and thank you.

12. La piece de resistance...

The debs dress that everyone had, or everyone wanted.

How many trends can you tick off your list?

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