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15 Sweet Treats From An Irish Childhood We'll Sadly Never Taste Again

By Sarah

April 19, 2019 at 4:12pm


They just don't make 'em like they used to folks - the sweet treats of our childhood are way, way better than any fancy artisan chocolate we can get in the local co-op market today.

What we're missing from our lives are the treats we used to buy for a penny (thems were the days) and sly from the press when no-one was watching. The treats that some absolute mad people decided to discontinue, or are just goddamn impossible to find.

Take a trip down this tasty memory lane, and lament the fact that your tastebuds will never have the honour of these beauts again...

1. Cadbury Dream

The creamy goodness the likes of which we'll never see again. Apparently you can still get these in Australia, the feckers.


2. Cadet Cola

Those mini bottles packed SO MUCH sugary flavah. The taste of every kid's party in the 90's.



3. Galaxy Truffle Celebrations

2011 is forever known as the year that everyone's fave celebration was no more. At least we still have other yum Galaxy treats to tide us over...

4. Flake Snow

That magic layer of chocolate around the white inner flake stopped all the annoying crumbling that happens with the normal flake. Why did someone decide white chocolate wasn't good?


5. Mars Delight

The crunch, the softness, the creamy heaven. RIP.

6. TK Lemonade

We proudly owe a good four fillings to this teeth destroyer, and we wouldn't change it for the world.

7. Funny Feet Ice Creams

The flavour of that one hot Irish summer spent getting sunburnt af in a mobile home in Wexford.

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8. Angel's Delight

The magical dessert that made young chefs of us all, and the height of sophistication for any respectable seven year old in 2001.

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9. White Malteasers


10. Cadbury Snaps

Whoever had the genius idea of turning Pringles into chocolate should get a Nobel Prize. Whoever decided to stop making them however, should 100% not.

11. Winders

Hours and hours of windy fun, and hands that eternally smelled like fake fruit.

Winders Strawberry 2

12. Calippo Shots

Poppin' these bad boys on a hot summer. Nothing comes close to this.


13. Fat Frog Ice Pops

Every now and then we hear a rumour that these will return. We're always let down.


14. Roy of The Rovers

Sticky and sweet and probably the best Irish sweet to ever exist. Fact.


15. Bursting Bugs

One little squeeze of these gooey creatures and a splash of sweet liquid would escape from the jelly! So clever, so yum.


We miss you all xox

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