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15 Things You Will Only Ever Come Across In Ireland

By AmyBell

September 4, 2017 at 4:14pm


When it comes to little quirks and unusual aspects, us Irish are renowned for it.

There are some things that you will ever only see when you are in Ireland.

We take a look at 15 hilarious #OnlyinIreland tweets that are bound to give you a good laugh.

1. Finding road signs to direct you to a nearby local farm or B&B

When it comes to road signage in the countryside they don't usually tend to be just road and direction specific. Instead in Ireland you come across directions to a local farm, a cottage or see a sign for 'fresh Irish strawberries' on sale at the side of the road. 


2. When you get shown pictures of farm animals on a regular basis

Either your uncle or your good friend from Wexford lives or runs a farm somewhere in the country. They do tend to talk a lot about their animals (and rightly so) and with that comes the all important photos of their favourites. 

Brace yourself for numerous photos of sheep, pigs and cows. It's just a given!

3. When An Post are sound and deliver this...

The Loft Bar and B&B in Ballina Co.Mayo received this after a guest accidentally took their set of keys with them. Whoops. 

The senders clearly didn't have an envelope to post the keys back but stuck stamps on the keyring and the B&B got the set back. You got to love An Post!

4. The puns we use just for a good cuppa

We all love a good pun every now and again. Tea By The Sea a small little coffee hut if you fancy a cuppa when at Downpatrick Head, Co Mayo have gone and used a hilarious pun for a good cup of tea. It features the all so famous Lionel Richie. 

We love it.

5. When your neighbours take lights to a whole new level

We understand that once it comes to the Christmas season, it's time for lights everywhere. This includes outside your house and some people get really into it. It gives you that nice, warm 'Christmassy' feeling.

However this was spotted in a Waterford. We do love their upbeat attitude to, believe.

6. When you follow rules of the road to this point...

This man took the rules of the road very seriously but probably not in the best time. Rush hour traffic. 

We admire his dedication and persistence but it looks dangerous!

7. When your local pubs sells all the essentials

We all go to the local for a few scoops after work or especially at the weekend. But this pub in Co.Mayo not only provides you with delicious cold drinks but you can also get your shopping essentials if needs be on the way out. Bonus!

8. You find unusual Irish things at bus stops

It's easy to go off into a daze when travelling on a bus to and from work. You just zone out but this sight definitely would have made you alert and look twice. Yes, it is a kid's tractor on top of a bus shelter in Dublin. 

We have one on earth did it get up there?

9. If you live in the country cows and sheep are the real traffic jam

You thought city centre traffic was bad at rush hour? God no. That's just dealing with cars but when it comes to the countryside you have to deal with cows and sheep as well on the roads. And to be honest, they aren't that quick at moving. 

Welcome to Ireland.

10. We have bale rolling uphill competitions...

We don't know if you would get this anywhere else besides Ireland. This picture was captured at the Newport Festival in Co. Mayo where there was a race to see who could get the poly-bale rolls up the hill the quickest. 

This is one way to get a work out in.

11. You always bless yourself when passing a church

It's something you almost automatically do. Whenever you pass a church, hearse, graveyard you tend to always bless yourself. 

It's just something that has been passed onto us.

12. You come across this kind of scarecrow...

Yes there is an annual scarecrow competition that takes place in Ireland. The Durrow Scarecrow Festival takes place in Co.Laois and people really go all out to make classic scarecrows. 

We love this one which relates to a typical Irish phrase.

13. You decide to transport your animals around like this...

Need to get your sheep somewhere? Sure, just load them into your jeep. It'll be grand.

14. You make pieces of art from hay bales

There's also a hay bale competition that takes place in Leitrim. What better way to create a new, authentic piece of art! 

We are impressed by some of these...

15. We can't hack the sun

We all rejoice when we get a glimpse of a sunny day in Ireland. The shades are out, everyone will scramble to the beach if it's the weekend but...our pale skin doesn't always take it very well. We get sunburned to a crisp sometimes. Ouch!

Then we all have that lovely 'farmer's tan' if we are not careful. It will fade soon though, we don't get nice hot sunny days that often.

Do have any other #OnlyinIreland moments? 

Let us know in the comments below!

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