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06th May 2018

18 Things That Happen On Every Irish School Graduation Day


After spending six years of your life in school, your graduation day cannot come quick enough.

And when it does, it comes with a big bag of mixed emotions (and usually cans on the bus).

It’s a day for all the family as you celebrate the fact you made it through and will finally be leaving that hell hole. 

And no graduation day is complete without one of these:

1. Photos

So many photos. In the school, in your house, getting ready, with your friends.

You take enough photos to last you till your wedding, and then some.

2.Your jaw breaks from fake smiling

Usually from said photos, and from saying goodbye to people you’ve secretly hated all this time.

3. Someone trips over their gown

And probably several times. 

4. You realise you can start calling teachers by their first names

But it takes you one or two drinks to warm up to this idea.

5. Pints with your teachers 

It’s both awkward and exhilarating and you take lots of pics as evidence. 

6. You make a show of yourself in front of the principle

You reveal far too much and instantly regret it. 

7. Someone wears something wholly inappropriate for a church ceremony

Topped off with the orange face and hands to match. 

8. Your embarrassing parents are unleashed onto your unsuspecting mates

You want them to hide down the back, but they’re up front and centre trying to get the best pics from the best angles. 

9. You cry

And you’re not really sure why.

10. Your parents cry

A lot. 

11. You sing a cringey graduation song

And put your arms around each other and sway nostalgically. 

12. The hanger is real

For such an important day, there is way too little food breaks. 

13. There are one too many speeches

During the ceremony, at dinner, on the bus. 

14. The ceremony is followed by an incredibly mess night

The hangover’s worth it. 

15. You have a semi-existential crisis in the club

“What’s the next step for me? Do I have one?”

16. You try to throw your cap in the air 

But forget about the million and one clips in your hair. 

17. You whip off your gown to reveal a scandalous outfit

School is over and you’re ready for the night. 

18. You wear your grad hoody to death

It comforts you through the hangover and beyond. 

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