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19 Gas Types Of People You'll See At Every Irish Music Festival

By Sarah

July 17, 2017 at 11:00am


Whether you've been to one festival this summer or are making your way through them all, you're pretty much guaranteed to see the exact same kinds of people on every muddy site.

From 6am ravers to that one person absolutely covered in mud, these are the 19 types of folk you'll spot. Think of it as Irish festival bingo...

1. The Hugger

We geddit, you're a lover man, not a hater. Just please, don't touch us.

2. The Crusty Fella

They refuse to use the on-site showers, won't accept any offers of Baby Wipes, and have been wearing the same tshirt since the bus down. Yuck.

3. The Annoyingly Tall Person

We. Can't. Fucking. See. Anything. Move to back you giant.


4. The Wannabe-Blogger

"Heyyyyy guyyys, so this is the main stage, omg HOW CUTE"

5. The Foodie

All they care about is the food-stalls and guest speakers on topics such as passive veganism and creating the perfect spice mix.

6. The Exhibitionist

No matter what the weather is, they just DO NOT wanna wear clothes.

7. The Fancy Dress Lover

Normal clothes just won't do. Onesies, morph suits, and borderline inappropriate Native American headdresses are these peeps style game.

Image: Reading Festival 

8. The Fashionista 

They change outfits in between every act, and look like Kendall Jenner's twin.

9. The Person Who Went Too Hard Too Early 

They pre-drank WAY too heavy, KO'd in the tent and now they've missed the entire first night of the festival. Oops.

10. The #GlamSquad

How do these gals look so groomed after three days in a mucky tent?!

11. The Freaky Dancer

There's not even any music playing. It's 6am. They're STILL dancing.

12. The Clinger

They say they've "lost" their mates. We reckon they have none. Either way, this person wants to be your new BFF and will be clinging by your side the entire time.

13. The Instagram Addict

They spend four hours trying to take the perfect Boomerang, and won't go into the dance tent because "the lighting isn't good in there."

14. The Try-hard Parent 

We get it, you wanna enjoy yourself. But kids at festivals after 6pm just doesn't work. Too loud, too many people, and waaay too wild.

15. The Old-Skool Raver

"It's just like Glasto '89 guyyyyys". Except it's not. We admire their stamina.

16. The Person Covered In Mud 

Does anyone actually like getting this filthy?!

17. The Pro-Camper

Air mattress, portable phone charger, and enough rice cakes for a small army.

18. The Amateur-Camper  

Their tent collapses on the first night and now they're sleeping in a pool of water with a sheet of cardboard covering them.

19. The Young Lovers

Soooooooo much PDA. Get a room guys. Or y'know, go back to the tent.

Which one are you?

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