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21 Of The Greatest Irish Hashtags That Have Brought The Nation Together

By James Fenton

August 23, 2017 at 4:25pm


Hashtag this, hashtag that. Back in 2007, if you added 'hashtag' before saying anything people would look at you like you had two heads. 

Now the '#' is commonplace not only on its spiritual home of Twitter but it's seeped its way into text messaging and even verbal communication (#shots, #hungover) despite the fact that it really has no purpose in those situations.

It's often used as a gathering point for the nation to celebrate its achievements, test our comedic skills or generally just give out about things together as if we're all sitting on the same sofa. 

To celebrate 10 years of the hashtag we've compiled some of our favourite ones of an Irish persuasion from the historic, the emotional and the just plain gas.

Have we missed any? Let us know in the comments.

1. #HomeToVote

Irish people from all over the world came #hometovote and we all followed #marref in the build up to one of the country's most historic moments - May 22 2015, the day Ireland said "YES". 


A hashtag which took people a while to admit they didn't understand (pssst... 'come on you boys in green') - A nation's way of supporting the Irish football team at home and abroad from their phones and laptops. 

It all culminated in that memorable summer of 2016 in France. Here's to more good times in Russia next year. 

3. #RoseOfTralee

Every year the country gathers together to cheer the girls on and pretty much take the piss and the results are usually gas. 

4. #LateLateShow

The weekly forum for giving out about whoever's on Tubridy's sofa. 

5. #LateLateToyShow

The aforementioned's more festive, happier cousin where it's acceptable to pass judgement on crowd of infants. 

6. #LoveHate

THE Irish TV crime drama of the internet age. There was a time from 2012 to 2014 when Irish people spent Sunday evenings sharing how shook they were at the latest twists.

7. #PaddysDay

Every March 17. 

8. #ThankYouBod

When our greatest rugby player went out on a high in 2014. 

9. #PintBaby

No explanation needed. 

10. #MayoForSam

Could this be their year? The answer is most probably no. 

11. #GarthBrooks

The story that gripped the nation and created civil war in Drumcondra. 

12. #VinB

How will we survive without Vinny?

13. #CBLive

Another political debate show that gets people talking. 

14. #RepealThe8th

Potentially the most important and historic of them all. 

15. #Eurovision

Every May we gather as a nation to give out about something we wouldn't dream of missing. And to console the contestants. 

16. #GrowingUpCatholic 

This was a good 'un. 

17. #FatherTed20

A tribute to some of the greatest comedy to ever come out of Irish minds, 20 years on.

18. #GreatestLeagueInTheWorld

An ironic tribute to the madcap nature of Ireland's national soccer league. 

19. #SixOneNews

Always good for a lol. 

20. #McGregorMayweather

Which way will it go? 

21. And finally, #LovinIreland

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