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5 Types Of Irish Lads You'll Meet On Tinder

By AmyBell

August 28, 2017 at 5:13pm


So, you're on the look out for love.

Or maybe just to find someone to have a bit of fun and a few drinks with.

You decide to check out what's the whole craic with Tinder - we've all heard the stories.

But there's always the typical guys that you come across when browsing the many, many lads on the dating app.

Here are 5 different types of Irish lads you'll come across when on your man hunt:

1. The gym buff

This guy is easy to recognise. 

You can tell straight away from his posed profile pictures in front of a mirror. And...he more than likely has his top off (ok, it is nice to look at). What a surprise. If you end up matching with this gladiator look-a-like creature and decide to meet up for a date, you are bound to hear every last detail about his work outs.

If you go for dinner he'll talk about how he'll just get steak 'for the protein' and some green veg because he's 'clean eating' and wants to bulk up. After a while you find out it's pretty much all he talks about. 

Unless you can appreciate his dedication and deal with him wanting a gym buddy it may be best to move on.

2. The tracksuit lad

This guy basks in wearing the latest Nike tracksuit and dreams of owning a pair of Yeezys. You'll get the crude pick-up lines and asked 'what's the craic, sweetheart?' instead of 'how is things?' or 'how are you?'

They'll probably introduce you to their friends quick enough so there's a group of you to have some fun. He'll want you to wear leggings (they are super comfy) and maybe throw on a cap. 

If you become a couple, you'll both be the envy of all huns out there. 

3. The country bumpkin

So, that guy in the checkered shirt has caught your eye on your little swiping marathon. We're pretty sure at least one of his pictures includes him and his tractor. He'll impress you with his road frontage and if you meet up in person you may not understand every word he says with his different accent. 

If you're looking for someone mellowed and sound they seem like the perfect guy!

4. The 'lad'

Every girl knows what exactly what I'm talking about. He's a lad in every sense of the word. He enjoys having 'frosty ones with the boys', and he'll probably pick hanging out with his friends over a 'random Tinder date'. You'll find he's been playing the field on Tinder for years now and may have even messaged one your friends on it as well. You'll realise that his rate of drinking is impressive. How on earth is he still standing?

You may think that he's nice and want to try change him but that's probably not for the best. If you like the lad lifestyle yourself, sure it's a match.

5. The 'posh' lad

Compared to yourself, you think he's too nice for you and is what we call a bit 'posh'. He is very well spoken, has manners and is probably well educated. He also dresses really nice.

He likes the odd 'vod and coke' and some expressions you may not fully understand but sure you'll laugh it off. He won't notice, right?

Have you come across any of these?

Let us know!

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