7 Struggles You'll Recognise If You Live In Ireland And Can't Drive

6. ​You're a taxi FIEND

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It's pretty hard - and expensive - to pass your driving test in Ireland, so there's no shortage of people in their 20s and older who still don't have a licence. 

If you're one of those people, you might relate to this...

1. If you live in Dublin, you're at the mercy of the bus/Luas/Dart

You know all the routes like the back of your hand, but you can't count how many times you've been late or stranded because of public transport. 

And don't even talk to us about Real Time. 

2. If you're in rural Ireland, you're even more screwed

Public transport is basically non-existent there. 

3. Your parents are sick of giving you lifts

And you have to stay on their good side to get them. 

4. You owe your friends so many favours

Especially when they won't accept petrol money. 

5. You feel like a baby

It's hard seeing teenagers driving around in their own cars while you're still begging your mum to bring you into town. 

6. You're a taxi FIEND

If you live in the country, you're probably mates with all the local taxi drivers by now.

Meanwhile non-driving Dubs are stuck screaming at the MyTaxi app and contemplating throwing their phones out the window. 

7. Your inability to drive is always hanging over you 

Until you finally pass your test and get it all over with, these struggles will be a part of your life. 

Fun times. 

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