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06th May 2019

7 Types Of Hangovers We’ve All Experienced


We have all experienced hangovers from hell, let’s be honest.

There’s nothing worse than waking up the next morning feeling like you’re on the verge of your death bed.

But it was a good night, right? We sure hope so.

Here’s seven types of hangovers we’ve all (horrifically) experienced a lot more than we would want to.

1. The gradual hangover

You wake up the next morning, you feel as fresh as a daisy.

Yes. You have survived an amazing night and now don’t have to suffer for it.

Well…that’s what you first thought.

It’s only as the minutes start to tick by, and you decide to cook yourself up a filthy fry-up that the dreaded late hangover hits you.

And it’s horrific.

Your head is pounding, you curse yourself for believing you would get away with a hangover-free day and the next thing you know, you’re curled up in bed, with no fry and not able to move.

2. The exorcist hangover

You probably ended your big night out vomiting your guts up in the toilets.


You more than likely didn’t get much sleep because you had to keep waking up to puke.

Finally, you decided it was time to bring in the all too familiar bucket because you just can’t stop getting sick. You feel like the girl from The Exorcist who projectile vomited.

Will it ever stop?

You just want to die, you can’t go on like this and survive the day.

3. The over emotional hangover

It ‘s the morning after and you’re a tiny bit fragile. Just a tad bit.

So much so that everything is a big disaster and you can’t handle it.

You cry at a scene on the sitcom you’re watching, you cry because your significant other half said something that you took to heart and for no reason. You cry because you want the dreadful hangover to be over and to just feel normal again.

You’re a big bag of emotions.

4. The blackout

You wake up not knowing what happened last night.

You have to get your friends to fill you in on what exactly happened because frankly, you cannot remember anything.

And it’s scary.

Did you make a complete fool of yourself? Did you shift anyone you shouldn’t have?Where is your wallet or purse and why is your phone screen smashed?

You just have to rely on others to tell you. Awkward.

5. The food monster hangover

So you have enjoyed a great night out, but now the next day you wake up hungover and starving.

You send your beau to the shops to pick you up some goodies, including a delicious chicken fillet roll and plenty of chocolate and fizzy drinks.

That’s just breakfast, then come 5pm it’s basically time for dinner.

And your go to grub?

Sure, you’ll order a takeaway, maybe a nice 3-in-1 or a spice bag. You have a total pig out day and regret none of it.

It’s perfect.

6. The fear hangover

There’s nothing worse than waking up and having the fear of what happened the night before.

Although your mates try to convince you that you were fine and not to worry, that’s not always the case. Sob.

People who are at the beginning of a new relationship can definitely relate to this. You really wanted to impress your other half but it didn’t go as planned.

You went out with them for a night out, you ended up drinking a lot. It was probably the nerves.

Then you end up severely drunk, probably tried to do a bit of karaoke, or break out your killer dance moves to impress them. You declare your love to them and get a little bit over emotional.

Then you probably wind up getting sick and say that you understand if they don’t want to be with you. You wake up the next morning feeling embarrassed and apologise over, and over again.

We’ve all been there.

7. The lucky escape

And sometimes on those lucky and rare morning you actually wake up hangover free.

You feel completely fine and can carry on with your day while everyone else is dying and wondering how you’re alright.

You managed to make the lucky escape, and those moments only come once every blue moon.

Count yourself super, super lucky.

Which hangover do you most relate to today?

Let us know in the comments below!

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