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9 Things That Always Happen When You Go Out In Your Home Town On Stephen's Night

By kaylawalsh

December 22, 2017 at 11:53am


Ah, Stephen's night. The one time a year when pretty much everyone is home in the town where they grew up, and they've nothing else to do but get absolutely banjoed.

You might be tempted to stay in, but there's no way you're missing the social event of the year - and all the awkward moments that come with it.

Here are 9 things that always happen on St Stephen's night.

1. Your parents nag you about going out

"Ah now, would you not just stay in and watch Home Alone with us?"

Sorry mam, I'm afraid that's not possible. Oh, and you're going to have to get dressed and give me a lift as well...

2. You're carrying a massive food baby

After (at least) two days of serious indulgence, chances are you're feeling more than a bit bloated.

Put on your loosest pants and power through.

3. You see all the people you don't want to see

Including your arch-enemy from school, your ex boyfriend and his new girlfriend. Ugh.

4. Everyone is absolutely plastered

You're probably in a place you're very familiar with and have nothing important to do the next day. It's an ideal time to make a complete fool out of yourself.

5. You shift someone you shouldn't

If you're single and from a small town, you'll probably end up shifting your ex, your younger brother's mate or someone else similarly embarrassing.

Hopefully no-one will remember...

6. Someone gets in a fight

All the pubs are packed, people are drunk and old tensions can resurface.

It's fun to watch as long as you're not involved...

7. The takeaways are jammers

In the harsh light of the local chipper, everyone looks demonic.

Fights often happen here too, as people cut the queue and insult each other for no reason. Legends.

8. It's impossible to get a taxi

If you're heading home at the same time as everyone else, you're pretty much doomed to stand in the cold as endless taxis pass you by.

9. You pray no-one is awake when you get home

Cue trying to make as little noise as possible when you come in so no-one will see you in your shameful state.

If your siblings/parents were also out, though, you might get away with minimal judgement.

And of course, you'll do it all again next year.

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