Nine Things That Were The Absolute Height Of Luxury When You Were A Child

"Having Vienetta with your Sunday dinner"

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We might all be filled to the brim with "notions" these days, but sure that's the millennial curse we will just have to bear.

The glory days of childhood, however, we an altogether different story. Our young selves got overly excited by the thoughts of anything even sliiightly fancy or exotic, and as for things like non-dairy milks or gluten free bread? We would've had a heart attack.

Every Irish person can remember those little luxuries from their childhood, and Reddit users recently took a trip down memory lane to reminisce about "what was the height of luxury when you were a child?"

We ALL thought these were the bee's knees...

Foreign holidays... and more than six TV channels!

Luxurious frozen ice cream cakes...

Choosing a film from the video rental shop

When you didn't need to turn the immersion on

When the biscuit tin actually had treats in it

Brand new clothes!

Cereal that wasn't boring Cornflakes

A rare exotic fruit...

And of course... A family holiday in Mosney was the absolute best.

What other things were the height of luxury from your childhood?

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