All 32 Counties Of Ireland Ranked By The Sexiness Of Their Accents

By Lovin Media

May 7, 2019 at 9:08am



Ireland is a small country with a hell of a lot of accents.

But which one is the sexiest of them all? We've asked for help on Twitter and these are the results we came up with.

Agree or disagree? Let us know!

32. Laois

Not too much going on here.

31. Louth

All 'cos of the elongaaaated voooowels, hai.

30. Longford

Ara, 'tis a bit soft.

29. Westmeath

Made famous by Niall Horan

28. Carlow

How is it so culchie? It's not far from Dublin at all.

27. Leitrim


26. Offaly

We'd enough of that when Brian Cowen was in power.

25. Galway

Controversial perhaps. But to some people it's just a bit neutral.

24. Cavan


23. Wexford

'Tis quare warm ain't ih?

22. Sligo


21. Meath

Pure daycent.

20. Armagh

Just a bit too serious for our liking.

19. Kilkenny

Usually heard in the pubs around Croke Park on the first weekend of September.

18. Monaghan

An unusual blend of north and south

17. Antrim

Everyone is just Gerry Adams.

16. Fermanagh


15. Dublin

Given that there's pretty much a different accent for every postcode we've decided to place the capital smack bang in the middle

14. Wicklow



Pretty inoffensive but when they talk you listen.

12. Waterford

Increases in intensity as you move towards the city.

11. Kerry

'Kirry' traditionally would have been higher but Danny Healy-Rae has it ruined.

10. Roscommon

Surprisingly poetic.

9. Clare

Loud with a dash of mischief.

8. Tyrone

Otherwise known as 'T'rone'.

7. Mayo

The quintessential Irish accent. We can't make up our minds.

6. Cork

Another big city with various accents. The more neutral west county version has nothing on Cark City, boi.

5. Down

We could listen to their dulcet tones all day.

4. Limerick

They've gone up in our estimations, the gowls.

3. Donegal

Why is it that every time wee Seamie Coleman speaks we just want to give him a hug?

2. Kildare

The most radio-friendly accent in the country.

1. Derry

Pull up a chair and just listen to them regale you with their entertaining tales in their softly-spoken lilt.

Who could forget this iconic moment?

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