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All 32 Irish Counties Ranked By The Soundness Of Their People

By Lovin Media

July 16, 2019 at 10:56am



We all know Ireland is the soundest little country in the world but which county is home to the soundest Irish people of all?

We've decided to rank* all 32 counties in order of soundness. Why? Just 'cos we felt like it.

Using our own intuition and the help of our Twitter following who voted in their droves, we present to you the definitive list of 'All 32 Irish Counties Ranked By The Soundness Of Their People'.

Where do your people finish? Do you agree? If not let us have it. Can't keep everyone happy!

*disclaimer: every county is full of legends.

32. Cavan

We're putting them bottom of the list purely because of the well-established reputation for stingyness. Yep, we are that shallow.

31. Roscommon

Let's be honest they wrecked the buzz a little bit by voting no.

30. Down

Down by name, down by nature

29. Longford

We just don't know enough about ye, lads.

28. Leitrim

Read above.

27. Fermanagh

Can honestly say we've never met a Fermanagh person out on the lash.

26. Kildare

Stop trying to be Dubs.

25. Westmeath

WESTmeath? Inferiority complex.

24. Meath

Looking down on the lads to the west.

23. Wexford

If only they'd stop going on about winning Liam McCarthy in 1996.

22. Armagh

Default mode = annoyed

21. Antrim

Default mode = slightly less annoyed

20. Tyrone

Anyone who can take a beating like last week at Croker is fine by us.

19. Laois

For giving us Electric Picnic

18. Derry

Home of the Ireland football manager. Can't argue with that.

Screen Shot 2017 08 31 At 14 46 55

17. Louth

Always good for a lift down to the airport.

16. Dublin

We couldn't ask for a more welcoming capital but for some reason us Dubs get a bad rep in the rest of the country ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

15. Kilkenny

How do they cope with all those stags and hens?

14. Wicklow

Sound lads and lasses in the Garden Of Ireland.

13. Limerick

A fine city full of fine people.

Screen Shot 2017 08 31 At 14 44 35

12. Offaly

They did us proud when the Obamas came to town.

11. Waterford

They loves their county, bai.

10. Sligo

They're made of sound stuff out west.

Screen Shot 2017 08 31 At 14 41 39

9. Mayo

They've taken a lot of pain up there.

8. Tipperary

You don't have to go a long way to find some fine Tipp folks.

7. Carlow

The little county with a big heart.

Screen Shot 2017 08 31 At 14 40 39

6. Monaghan

Gas men and women up by the border.

5. Cork

Much-loved around the country.

4. Clare

Some of the gassest folks in the land.

3. Kerry

You won't regret spending a week among the people of The Kingdom.

Screen Shot 2017 08 31 At 14 39 20

2. Donegal

Basically because the Donegal girl in the office always offers to make tea.

1. Galway

You won't find better craic or kinder people anywhere in the land. There's a reason it's a favourite among tourists.

Screen Shot 2017 08 31 At 14 38 05



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